Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tonal Values Workshop - Alma Voster. 'The foundaton of any good painting'!!!

Alma Foster will do a digital presentation at 9.30am on the 25th June at the Manor Gallery illustrating tonal values and their influence in any painting, followed by a practical workshop to put it into practice. 

This is a must for beginners and even advanced artists will find something new and interesting in the presentation.

Entrance is free for members, so please join us for a wonderful workshop.
Space is limited, so first come first served!
Contact Kerry at Manor Gallery to book a place (011 465 7934)


All the usual watercolour paraphernalia.
A stretched sheet of good watercolour paper (not smaller than A3).
Some drawing paper.
Black ink (Quink or Indian ink or FW Acrylic ink) or even black watercolour or black acrylic paint.
Reference material with good light and shadows (lights and darks) - any preferred topic.
A notebook and pen.

There will be some notes and examples for members attending the workshop.

We welcome all members to join us for a fun filled day!

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