Thursday, May 20, 2010

Carl Jeppe-Life Drawing Workshop

An absolutely fantastic opportunity was offered to the members of the WSSA on Saturday the 15th May by Anne Kriesoldt chairperson of the Jo-burg branch! About twenty avid watercolour artists turned up at the Parkhurst recreation centre at 9.30 am for a life drawing class with the well known artist, academic and teacher, Carl Jeppe.

The brave and beautiful live model spent the whole day from when we began in the morning through until 3.30pm patiently holding various poses for us while we painstakingly attempted to capture the form of her figure, the tone of her skin and master the mechanics of foreshortening.

Carl spreads his expertise throughout the group by spending time with each individual, gently critisising our work and suggesting practical ideas for improvement. He also gave a quick demonstration during the session to explain how we should successfully place the figure on our page.

The afternoon ended with a formal 'crit' of everyones work. This is undertaken by an enthusiastic Carl and incorporates a truly positive and helpful approach to our drawing efforts. Leaving one with a sense of achievement, well being and desire to come back for more!


Barbara said...

Zanne told me that she totally enjoyed the day - so inspirational and such a treat to have such a lovely and perfectly trained model. It was better than an ocean cruise for stress levels and better than a week's paint out for getting the creative juices flowing. Carl is so organised and every inch the professional academic art teacher. I feel fired up just hearing the reviews!

Cathy Gatland said...

I'm sorry to have missed this, having been away at the time - hope there'll be another opportunity! (Great to see the Joburg branch blog up and running too!)

Debbie said...

Congrats on the introduction of the blogs..... a wonderful way to keep in touch with events and happenings of WASA - I too missed this wonderful opportunity to see Carl in action and I share Cathy's sentiments about another life drawing workshop in the future!

All the best!